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With AdDeflect, you hold the power to take control of your incoming calls like never before

Our app's cutting-edge technology intelligently analyzes and identifies potential spam or fraudulent calls, keeping your phone safe from unwanted disruptions.

Stay one step ahead of spammers with our constantly updated database of known spam numbers

AdDeflect proactively identifies and blocks suspicious calls, ensuring you're never bothered by annoying telemarketers, robocalls, or fraudulent schemes again.

AdDeflect empowers you to customize your call-blocking preferences to suit your needs

With our user-friendly interface, you can easily set up personalized blocklists, allowing you to filter out specific numbers or even entire area codes.

Take control of your phone, and let only the important calls through

Worried about missing important calls from unknown numbers? Our smart caller identification feature provides real-time information about incoming calls, enabling you to make informed decisions about answering or blocking them. Rest assured, you'll never miss an essential call while keeping unwanted spam at bay.

We understand the importance of your privacy

That's why AdDeflect operates entirely on your device, without compromising your personal information. No data is sent to external servers, ensuring that your sensitive details are safeguarded.

Experience the relief and tranquility of a spam-free calling experience